International Mail

The easy, cost-effective way to send material overseas.

Developed in conjunction with national postal authorities and chosen suppliers, international mail has been specifically created to meet the needs of businesses currently sending over 2kg of international mail every day. In fact, DPD international mail will not only take the hard work out of organising overseas deliveries, but also significantly reduce the cost.

Service features:

  • Fulfilment services
  • Bulk mailshots, e.g., Christmas mail, direct mail, catalogues and statements

There are two international levels to choose from:

  • Priority - a fast, efficient service that is ideal for time-sensitive mail with a target delivery time of 3-7 days in Europe and 6-10 days in the rest of the world
  • Standard - a service combining speed with economy, offering a delivery aim of 7-14 days in Europe and 14-21 days in the rest of the world

Service benefits:

  • No pre-payment for franking or stamps, which means improved cash flow for customers using the service
  • Our simple, straightforward tariff splits the world into three zones: the EU, rest of Europe and rest of the world
  • Our competitive prices ensure excellent value for money for both priority and standard services
  • No franking or weighing means faster processing and reduced equipment costs
  • We collect mail free of charge and provide free bags, so our customers save even more time and money

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International Mail For Your Business

Interested in using DPD International Mail for your business?