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Medical PPE Export Measures - Update

Applies to all services 

Further to International notice 1696 sent on 30th March 2020, HMRC and the EU have today announced that with immediate effect the previous license restrictions on exporting medical PPE have been lifted and such controls no longer apply.

KSA VAT Increase 

Applies to Air Express, Air Classic and DPD Direct

VAT Increase from 5% to 15%

KSA VAT Increase

Please note that the Saudi Government has announced it will increase the Value Added Tax (VAT) rate and break from the Gulf Cooperation Council's harmonized VAT framework.

Effective from 1st July 2020, the VAT will increase from 5% to 15%. VAT is a consumption Tax that the end-user is obligated to pay and we will be merely acting as a Collection Agent on behalf of the Government.

Import VAT at the rate of 15% will be payable on imports of goods based on the value of shipments cleared at Customs, subject to specific exemptions under applicable law.
Furthermore, Import VAT will also apply on Customs duty (if applicable), based on the value of declared shipments. Parcels over the value of 1000 SAR threshold (or approx £218) will be dutiable and be charged 15% VAT on the duty.

For most commodities in Saudi, duty is around 5%.

For example:

Value of Goods = 1500 SAR (approx £326)
Duty on commodity = 5%
15% VAT on value of goods = 225 SAR (approx £49)
15% VAT on 5% duty rate = 11.25 SAR (approx £2.50)
Total VAT to pay= 236.25 SAR (approx £51.36)

Please note that the duty threshold is 1000 SAR (approx £218), which means if the value of the good exceeds this amount only then will duties by applicable, tax will need to be paid on all commodities regardless of its value.

We will contact consignees to obtain payment of VAT and duties.
However in the event the consignee refuses to pay VAT or refuses to accept the shipment, the relevant charges will be billed back to the customer in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. An administration fee may be applicable.

Next Day Service to Dublin

No deliveries or collections to Trinity College Dublin will take place until further notice.

Please be aware that our Next Day service to Dublin has been temporarily suspended until further notice. Our Road service to the Republic of Ireland is still operational, for more details click here.

Medical PPE Export Measures 

Applies to all customers

In order to protect UK/EU supplies of medical PPE in the current situation, the EU/UK Govt has announced the exportation of all medical PPE going to non EEA (EU and EFTA) countries now requires an export license.

This affects items such as masks and other protective garments, customers should therefore not ship these restricted products outside the EU.

The length of this regulation is currently unknown.

For further information contact the DHSC (Department for Health and Social Care)

New Norwegian VAT Scheme

Applies to B2C sellers to Norway 

From 01 April 2020, the Norwegian Tax Authority will introduce a new VAT scheme - VAT On E-commerce (VOEC). B2C sellers to Norway should register for the scheme with the Norwegian tax authority. This can be done on:

Registration is mandatory for any customer sending more than 50,000 NOK (approx £3790) of goods to Norway annually. Sellers must supply their VOEC number for shipments of less than 3,000 NOK (approx £230) in value, otherwise this may incur delays.

VAT On E-commerce (VOEC)

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