COVID 19 - Unavoidable Increase In Air Transport Costs

DPD continues to monitor the development of the Coronavirus COVID-19 situation closely and how it affects our services. 

We have seen a number of actions taken in different countries including border closures, lockdowns and reduction in people movement.  These measures have significantly impacted airlines resulting in many flight cancellations from the UK.  This in turn means air linehaul capacity is greatly reduced and so the cost of it has risen.

With the peak of the outbreak expected over the next month this situation will only get worse.

As the pandemic is beyond our reasonable control, the costs faced by DPD to provide International delivery services to certain destinations have increased so dramatically that we are unable to sustain services at the same rate as your current quote.

Surcharge daily update

For the new surcharge rates as of 13 May 2022, click here.

These surcharges began on March 17 2020 and as this is an ever-changing situation these costs will be reviewed and updated daily, however, to view all previous rates, click here.