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DPD's dedicated Olympics Project Team was formed last year to ensure that we are ready to respond to the challenges created by this summer's Olympic and Paralympic Games. Those preparations are now well underway and we are in a position to share a detailed action plan with our customers.

It is clear from our close liaison with the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) and Transport for London (TfL) that we are likely to experience severe congestion in a number of areas in and around London from mid July to mid September, although we expect there will also be disruption outside those dates due to the Torch Relay, testing of the Olympic transport infrastructure and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

There are many statistics associated with both events that help explain the scale of the congestion:

  • 24 Olympic venues across London
  • 800,000 spectators on peak day
  • 10,500 athletes 
  • 9,000,000 tickets sold
  • 21,000 press people in attendance
  • 3,000,000 additional transport trips on the busiest day

What plans has DPD put in place?

We have a detailed plan to ensure that our deliveries and collections are successful throughout this period. However, please note that we will be unable to access certain 'lockdown venues', since they will be closed to all general traffic. Click here for information on deliveries into the 'lockdown venues'

Our action plan includes:

  • opening an additional facility near our London Bridge depot before commencement of the Games
  • increasing the number of routes operating from our London depots
  • providing drivers with assistants who will make the final delivery on foot (this will not apply to 'lockdown venues') where necessery
  • introducing early AM deliveries and late PM deliveries
  • having the option of switching parcel traffic from affected depots to alternative depots
  • increasing the number of depot/customer service staff to enable customers to collect their parcels
  • appointing an Olympic Specialist in all affected depots, who will coordinate our action plan
  • providing daily updates on our position in London throughout the whole of the Games

DPD has invested £1.3million to ensure that service levels are maintained to the best of our abilities in and around the impacted areas. We cannot absorb all of this cost and have introduced an Olympic surcharge of £1.95 for each consignment delivered into those postcode areas where there is extended disruption within the Olympic congestion zone. We have done everything to keep this charge to a minimum.

In order to help you create your own contingency plans for this period, we have produced a matrix which outlines the specific dates and postcodes that will be impacted.

Please note: for red and amber postcodes on the above matrix, the following services will be suspended for the duration of the Games: Before 10, Before 12, Saturday Before 10, Saturday Before 12, Swap it Before 10 and Swap it Before 12. Green postcodes indicate normal service will continue.
How can I avoid the Olympics impacting on my deliveries and collections?

We would suggest that you conduct a review of your shipping history to the impacted areas and compare it against the matrix above and then ask the following questions:

  • Do I need to ship the order during this timeframe; can I send it earlier?
  • Can I send the shipment to an alternative address outside of the Olympic congestion zone during the period of disruption?
  • Can I ask the receiver to collect from their local DPD depot?
Your account manager is available to assist you with any planning queries.

How can I avoid the Olympics impacting on my deliveries and collections?

Find out more about our proactive notifications in the event of Olympic disruptions by clicking here.

Further information

For further information, take a look at our London Olympic Games 2012 Q&A document by clicking here.

You may also find the following links useful:

To view the detailed email bulletin that we recently sent (15 August) to customers, please click here.

For further information, take a look at our London Olympic Games 2012 Q&A document by clicking here.

If you wish to receive future email bulletins, please email us at dpd2012@dpd.co.uk. We will send another communication at the end of June.

Timeline of events

Key Date Activity
End of April
DPD London Olympic Games 2012 communication to customers and other stakeholders
April to June Transport for London tests routes and the impact of road closures
19 May to 27 July Torch Relay takes place throughout UK 
Throughout June Simulation of new routes and delivery schedules to further understand the impact on our deliveries and collections 
2 to 5 JuneQueen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations including concert at Buckingham Palace
Mid-June to mid-September  Period of likely disruption to DPD services
13 July  Olympic Village opens 
27 July to 12 August  Olympic Games 
3 August
Expected to be the busiest day, with all venues active 
13 August to 28 August Transition period with certain areas still locked down 
29 August to 9 September  Paralympic Games