Privacy Policy

At DPD, we operate a strict secrecy policy to ensure all potential and current employee details are held in the strictest of confidence and that all employees adhere to the following:

  • Employees shall not, during their employment, disclose to anyone or themselves, make use of, save in the proper course of duties, confidential information acquired during their employment by the Company or any holding, associated or subsidiary Company (whether under this or any previous agreement) relating to the interests, business, trade or any secrets, trade connections, clients or customers of the Company or any holding, associated or subsidiary Company thereof and after termination of their employment you they shall not at any time disclose any such information to anyone or use or exploit such information themselves.
  • This undertaking shall also extend to any confidential information relating to the secrets of business affairs of any other company, which is disclosed to the Company under conditions of confidentiality.
  • All records, papers and documents kept or made by employees relating to any method of manufacture, work, experiment or research carried on by the Company or in any way relating to the Company's business or affairs shall be and remain the property of the Company and be handed over to the Company on the termination of their employment hereunder or earlier, on the request of the Company and no copies shall be retained by the employee.
  • Subject to the rights of third parties, the copyright of all programs, records, papers, documents or other material prepared, edited or otherwise processed by employees, or given to employees in connection with their employment by the Company, will rest in the Company.
  • The Company licenses the use of computer software from various outside companies. Employees shall ensure that they are fully aware of the Company's policy regarding the use of personal computer software and shall comply with the statement of this policy set out below.
  • The Company may on occasions provide Internet and Intranet facilities. A separate document is available regarding compliance with the Internet and Intranet company policy on this issue.


DPD licenses the use of computer software from a variety of outside companies. DPD does not own this software or its related documentation and, unless authorised by the software developer, does not have the right to reproduce it.

With regard to use on local area networks or on multiple machines, DPD employees shall use the software only in accordance with the license agreement.

DPD employees learning of any misuse of software or related documentation within the Company, shall notify their reporting Manager.

According to UK Copyright Law, persons involved in the illegal reproduction of software can be subject to unlimited civil damages and to criminal penalties, including fines and imprisonment. DPD does not condone the illegal duplication of software. DPD employees who make, acquire or use unauthorised copies of computer software will be disciplined as appropriate under the circumstances. Subject to DPD disciplinary procedures, this may include termination of employment.

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